RhinoMoto Ducati 1098 1198 Swingarm Sliders


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The 1098 swingarm is a beautiful example of the state of the art in casting and welding technologies, proudly displayed for the world to see. It also is exposed to major damage in the most minor of tipovers. If you draw a line between the rear axle on the left side and the left foot peg bracket, you’ll see that the swingarm is almost guaranteed to hit if the bike should fall over on the left side. Swingarm sliders protect the swingarm, rear axle, and axle nut in a crash and slide. These swingarm sliders fit inside the axle as much as possible and are connected with a rod through the axle. Since they fit inside the axle, they are supported by the axle when impacted from straight on or from the side. The back side of the slider has been drilled out to reduce the weight of an otherwise large piece of polymer. The parts are CNC machined from solid polymer rod for superior strength, fit and finish. This kit installs in minutes with only a 5mm key key. It removes just as quickly for maintenance and can be reinstalled virtually an unlimited number of times.

Kit 150-0115 contains 2 swingarm sliders, 1 connecting rod, stainless steel fasteners, 2 RhinoMoto logo stickers and installation instructions.


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